October 03, 2011

a proper birthday wish

idea completely kidnapped from here.
now he's old enough to be a tri-wizard champion... or a vampire.
or you could pull a robert pattinson and just do both. just saying.
seventeen reasons that you adopt evan as your best friend :

  1. he sings real enthusiastically and loud and then stops abruptly and inquires, "what?"
  2. he calls his mother "mumma"
  3. he plays the saxophone rather very well. it's saxy. it's fine.
  4. he shuffles better than anyone. ever. every single move. he shuffles until his feet bleed. beast.
  5. he always walks on the side of the road the cars are on to protect you. if it isn't this way, he'll have a conniption. 
  6. he keeps beat at all times. with his hands, feet, fingers, he's got the beat.
  7. he'll share his twix bar with you, even when he needs it.
  8. he is a return missionary. twice. he serves in the nauvoo pageant. he'll tell you about joseph smith.
  9. he'll memorize a lovely monologue (line 245) from shakespeare and quote it just because it has your name in it.
  10. he'll call you and just talk to you on the telephone for two hours about anything.
  11. he loves his cat. a ton.
  12. he listens. when you cry, he'll listen. he'll ask questions. he'll help you out until you feel better.
  13. he'll quote spongebob with you. and just about everything in between.
  14. he makes real good movies. and he has an inner director that is always thinking.
  15. he'll ride the scary rides with you and hold your hand. he has ridden the zipper 67 times in one day.
  16. he'll go buy bottles of mexican coca-cola and watch 500 days of summer with you because you insist.
  17.  he'll love you, and you'll be his favorite.

happy birthday darling, have a wonderful seventeen.
p.s. evan has long hair sometimes for nauvoo. this... is golden :


emilee said...

oh, evan.

Austyn said...

ha ha! i love that video! oh, and happy birthday evan.

megan said...

hes cute