October 05, 2011

guilty desire

 don't take this the wrong way but...

I want her truck. 

I actually like trucks.
rephrase. vintage trucks.
my family absolutely loathes trucks,
and I dislike newer trucks myself.
the way they look and sound bother me.
but I love being in them...
all high and mighty. 

but I would adore to have a 1950-1960 truck. 


post script : I am heading off to compete.
remember last year? I'm so stoked.


Carrie said...

I agree, Love her truck. Love trucks! I want one sooo bad.
A vintage. Old. Used one. Not new.

megan said...

we know your cool kay!!(;

emilee said...

i miss Ol' Blue.
oh, and guess what? my neighbor totally has this exact truck.
only it's orange.
so awesome.

court said...

oh myy. i agree. ask my friends. once i'm 16 i would love an old rusted truck.