October 09, 2011

billiam shakespeare

shakespeare festival two thousand eleven went a little like this :

I took a scandalous picture. for the record,
I didn't realize I was being that
sexy at the time. 

"Fetus friends!"
"You know when you are making out and your mind starts to wan- oh wait. none of you know about that."
"Hey Olivia, this will sound awkward but...I like the...your pants...and th...yeah."
"Of course it's your favorite. high school students love sexual innuendos."
"hotel room key...ladies."
"does dolly parton sleep on her back?!"
"that is some serious...stuff!"
"break a leg! op, you already did."
"...does that mean these are girl pants?"
"be a bully!"
"I don't want to jinx it. but I think we... didn't lose..."
"all my students think they are my favorite student. fools."
"I just. have to make-out with somebody."
"we're like torrid lovers."
"does anyone have morphine, or something?"
"where is olivia?" 'I'm right here!' "hoe."
"do you see this?!" 'girls?' "no, the drums!" 
"you can have anything you want! do you want my shirt?! my pants?"

our team is so blessed.
7 states. 110 high schools. 3,000 competitors.

We got 2nd.
we got second in sweepstakes (overall),
second in ensemble scene,
blaine took second in monologues as a sophomore,
talia and nick took third in duo trio scenes,
scott got first in set construction in tech,
the jr. high took third in sweepstakes,
and our dance company ranked fourth.

also. blaine severely sprained his ankle right before
we performed as an ensemble. mr. shelley and mr. wilcock
gave him a priesthood blessing and it made all the girls cry.
we didn't even know how bad his ankle was until after we performed
and we took him to the hospital afterward. so. proud.
we ended up with 88 out of 90 points.

I was bawling when the judges gave us our feedback.
the power of priesthood is truly amazing.

shakespeare was amazing.
minus the starbucks closed.
ruined my life.

see you next year, shakespeare.


Anonymous said...

dearest olivia.
lets play someday.
also i would rather like your number.
and i miss shakespeare team already.
that is all.
i love you :)

CaLea said...

Uhm. The male sprawled across shakespeare's lap in the final photograph is insanely attractive. Swoon.

CaLea said...

Uhm. The male sprawled across shakespeare's lap in the final photograph is insanely attractive. Swoon.

Andrew Miles said...

It was amazing!!! I loved it this year!!

jessie said...

i just went there two weeks ago. also, i have gone every year since i was born. sometimes twice. cedar city is tiiiight.

Evan Kirby said...

Nice work pghs. Represent. And that picture of you seducing shakespeare is nice.