September 13, 2011

spilled beans

I would like to formally apologize
at the length and over all rambliness of this film.
thank you all so very much!
you have one of two options now :

1. enjoy the video and feel like we are secretly friends now,
so you read more of my blog and smile at me in the hall with the occasional hello.
2. forget you ever even knew the URL to this place, and avoid eye contact.

please still be my friend... I love you?

yes. happy tuesday.


Carrie said...

My last encounter with cotton candy....?
Hmm.. Well let's just say it did not end well.

W. R. Duclos said...

D&C 6:36-37 and it is not a scripture mastery, it was the theme scripture at PGHS last year.

jessie said...

i have watermelon retainers too.

LisAway said...

Candy floss? I try to avoid it because I love it and it's really like eating sugar straight from the bag.

Love the vid. You'd better post the fast forwarded part SOON, young lady. said...

Cotton candy? Couldn't even tell ya.

It's 2 o'clock in the morning, and I probably laughed an abnormal amount in this video. I can't sleep because I procrastinated a homework assignment and drank a five hour energy so that I was able to stay up and finish it. Well, it's lasting a little long, resulting in completely forgeting why I was telling you all of this.

I promise at one point there was something relateable.

I loved the video.

Let's be friends.


jalissa said...

you are such a cute girl. you inspire me.

Talia said...

One dark and stormy night, I kid you not, no men were standing on a bridge. Instead. There were a bucket full of girls having family home evening at Girl's Camp and the bishopbrick gave us cotton candy that consumed my face rather than visa versa.
That is all.

Micaela said...

My last encounter with cotton candy.... it was sweet ;)

Maddy Frechem said...

I want to do this. I want to do this so badly it's INSANE.

carlee ellen said...

hahaha yesss. i love this. its the best. definitely the most exciting 10 minutes of my day.

p.s. shoulda said hi to me at the mall!! i totally would have known if you said something! was i working?

Anonymous said...

your adorable.
yay for drama club.
lets be friends :)

Bailey said...

Hey Olivia? Your simply adorable.

Makenna Lee Bryant said...

Loved the video!

Found THEE perfect picture for ya!

emilee said...

I have oh, so much to say about this post.
First. I love you.
Evan is cute.
And Christian Bale. I laughed.

megan said...

oh gosh youre so cute!
evan is equally cut(:
you both have perfect teeth i hate it
but i love it.
you make me want to make a video now.
..just cuz of you
i love you