September 10, 2011

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way

 I received a package.
via the mail circuit
I received a package. 
from miss makenna

 I am so giddy,
I absolutely adore it. 
so much so I had to make it public.
check makenna out, she's a doll.

the friends and I went to Andersen Park last night
and watched Finding Nemo.
it was a gem.
I hope to attend a few more before the chill.
I am dreading cold weather.
I just want it to be warn and green when I feel like it.

also, I got my activity card yesterday.
I don't buy school pictures,
it seems a tad unnecessary as my father is a photographer.
but I look nice for pictures for yearbook. 
here is olivia throughout the years :

thank goodness I blossomed. 

now I am prepared for sophomore year.

*sorry for not posting my answers quite yet, I didn't expect so many questions! you guys are awesome!
I'll post a video later tommorrow with all of my answers. pinkie promise.
be excited.


Makenna Lee Bryant said...

I'm so glad you like it! I had such a fun time putting it together! :)

jessie said...

remember when we "met" each other at lagoon? i just found that picture we took.

LisAway said...

Awesome package!! And just before you said "Thank goodness I blossomed" I thought, "She was always cute, but now she turned pretty!"


CasiDee said...

I'm a new reader of your blog. Love it! You are adorable! :)
I also participated in the mail circuit. Your package is adorable. I can’t wait to get mine!