September 02, 2011

lincoln - a formal farewell

^ see that fishie in the water bottle above?
his name is lincoln.
he was a survivor.

he was destined for death.
he was a wal-mart fish,
he lived off of craisins,
he was kept in a water bottle,
and packed around aspen grove by a bunch of teenagers.
he went home to my fish tank that had been vacated by disease
and his life expectancy was one hour.

he showed them. he showed me.
he beat it by 4380 hours.
what a trooper.

spencer, emilee, and I shall miss you.


Jenny Girl said...

Olivia! Did you make the video? I quite enjoyed it. :) said...

You've inspiried me to make videos.

you're the greatest.

emilee said...

I shed a tear...