September 25, 2011

he's gonna catch 'em all.

not pokemon.  clearly.

cause he's danny phantom.
don't you adore reliving your saturday morning cartoon days?
this was my prime choice. recently I've been rewatching on netflix.
yeah. it's still great.
and the theme song gets stuck in my head like none other.
danny is also just awesomtractive.

what was your saturday morning cartoon of choice?


Rebekah said...

Oh man... I remember SUPER old vintage cartoons that I would get up at 4 am to watch... stuff like Underdog, Popeye, and of course, Looney Tunes. :) It makes me happy to think about it.

carlee ellen said...

oh man. everyone had their saturday morning cartoons....

i had my saturday morning abc kids watching lizzie mcguire.

yup. loved it.

megan said...

haa sailor moon i totally would wake up at 6 to watch that