September 19, 2011

because it's monday

coming home to seven brand spanking new comments is superb. really. so giddy.
coming home to a shout out from carlee, (double shout out all the way)
listening and watching guilty pleasure :

and listening also to not so guilty pleasure. coldplay never disappoints, peeps.

and the lesson in seminary is just my cup of tea.
but not really. we don't drink tea.
seriously though. if I haven't said it before,
I'll say it now :
I am going to serve a mission.
period the end. not just a senior mission either. full time mission.
my mind is made.

I wrote 6 letters yesterday. 6.
you might want to check your mail...

and here is just a little something to help cure your monday :

also. check out this super adorable picture makenna sent me :

oh facial hair.


Kathryn said...

I love that last picture so much! I want one :)

carlee ellen said...

awhh yeah girl. youda best.

emilee said...

yummm. shoes.