August 29, 2011

her name is lola, she was a showgirl.

her name is lola, she was a showgirl...
I am on a song reference roll.

you might want to click to enlarge this gem.
did you now that my sister is hilarious?
this is jane. she is a dang genius. 
and reads faster than anyone I know.
if you go to my super people page,
she's there. she is brilliant.
check out her blog for 
another perspective of me.
(I am mentioned as the 'roommate' in her posts)

this is what skyping with emilee looks like.
all is well in the N.C. for the keele's.
we love them. and miss them dearly.

see those headphones I'm rocking?
Owl City is coming out of them today.
I love Adam Young.
he is a genius. 
some people hate his stuff.
I can't even fathom.
because I don't know how I would survive monday without it.

my shakespeare audition?
rocked it.
let's hope he didn't notice those 3 lines I forgot.
wore a flowy skirt to dress to impress.
talia and austyn are dolls and help me with my
hair and makeup.

what a grand day.


miss mandi said...

i am not sure why i haven't followed you before.

Kate said...

"Her pepper spray made it rather hard for me to walk her home... but I guess that's the way it goes."

just me, nicole said...

i am absolutely in love with adam young and his music. i agree! he is genius!!! (:

Laurie said...

I wholeheartedly agree with what you have to say about Jane!