August 27, 2011

and that cellular will be the death of us

I swear.*
darlings I am finally getting a new phone today!
I've been using Elsie far too long.
she is now seven years of age.

but as we put Elsie dear to rest,
I still get a new phone.
let us look at the possibilities, shall we?

this would be Lola. she is a black samsung messenger touch.
we'd have good times together.

this would be Finn. He is a black samsung indulge.
he's also a smartphone. ooh. he may be too good for me.

clearly I enjoy slide out key boards. I have long envied them.
I have a few questions for you, my friends,
  1. what phone do you suggest for myself?
  2. what phone do you possess currently?
  3. who is your service provider?
enjoy the weekend dears, for on monday,
we audition for shakespeare competition. 
wish me luck.

*we love song references. the title of this post:


Talia said...

I like the length of Lola, but Finn would be very convienent for you. I have verizon. You should get it too. Verizon friends get unlimited speaking. Join us...

emilee said...

darling. I better be the first person you text.
or I might die. (:

jo jo jane said...

Finn's cooler. Get it. And give it to me. And I will love you. Even more.

Spencer said...

Finn looks cool.
But no matter what you do...
DON'T! get an iPhone...

jessie said...

keyboards are the best.

Lindsay said...

FINN!.... and i have a rumor touch.
on sprint