July 19, 2011

worth a thousand words

I take pictures. but not the second one. I wish I took that one.
and techically emilee took the fourth one.
want your family pictures done? 
let me work for you.

madison has been here for a week. 
and is here for the rest of this week.
I be with her every hour.
we make mac and cheese,
watch 17 again,
read comics,
do hair,
and a ton of shinanigans. 

my ward boundaries changed. I am distraught.
a formal goodbye to the 2nd ward. by far the best ward
I have ever been in. and an awkward hello to 9th ward.
I need to renew my recommend. 
I have been catching up on personal progress. I love it.
I want my recognition before I'm 16. wish me luck.
speaking of 16, happy birthday spencer, you peach.
I wrote a novella on his wall. it's fine.

I saw Harry Potter. ahhmygash. 
I loved it. so much. overall I totally agree with this kid
go see it now. right now. bring me with you. I'll buy you popcorn.

I went to the mall with talia and madison.
we smelled justin bieber.
the perfume. of course.
not actually him. 
that would be amazing, though.
then later that night I went to the most awkward stake dance ever.
I got to dance with a cute kid in nifty glasses.
AF, why'd you take the cool guys?!
it's cool. we still win.

I watched the matrix with mary on saturday. 
uh. it was rated R. oops. my bad.
the first was pretty legitimate.
don't watch the second and third.
it felt like the inception of ten years ago. 

my daddy's birthday is on wednesday.
I'm going to take him to potter and pirates.
what's better on your fourty fifth?

^ just happened. it must be monday. 


Peggy Eddleman said...

Olivia, you make me smile. A lot.

Mary said...

It...it was R?

Sisters in Fashion said...

ahaha. love it(:

emilee said...

Does Harry have cleavage?