July 04, 2011

suppose I kept on singing love songs...

finish that song quote, name the song and artist and you will win a prize.

everything you do - he is we

blame it on the rain - he is we

you don't know me - ben folds and regina spektor

pour me out - he is we

all about us - he is we

please speak well of me - the weepies

I will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

pretty much all the he is we songs are olivia's heart and soul right now.
find the lyrics, find her thoughts.
and she likes third person.
happy independence day,
eat a cookie with sprinkles.


emilee said...

(just to break my own fall. regina.)

Kaitlyn said...

just to break, my own fall, fidelity, regina spektor

I sing this song all the time:) love it!!

love your taste in music too!!

Sisters in Fashion said...

I love regina spektor(:
and can i just say i love your blog!
New follower, thats us!