July 09, 2011

olivia is silly

sometimes I wonder about the inner workings of my brain.

why does my room smell like fruit?
why do I keep having dreams about my wedding?
why do my weddings keep going wrong in these dreams?
why can't I stop listening to he is we?
why can't I stop watching ghost whisperer?
why don't I finish one of three videos I need to?
what am I doing torturing myself by photographing this kid?
he got his braces off. he's so cute.

even though this was him making fun of me.

why do I do this to myself?

what am I doing up at 4.30 in the morning?
lavender days. super pumped. best every year.
and guess who is coming this year?
this girl.


seize the day.
don't be silly like me.


emilee said...

if evan didn't have such long hair.
he would be so cute. (:

olivia said...

he's a nazarite

Meggie said...

i love teeth! when do you get yours off?