July 30, 2011

meet emmie

we love her.
we love when she comes to sit in our laps in sacrament.
she has been convinced for the past year and a half that my name is toto.
she told me today that my dress looks like a swimsuit.
she is the daughter of the magnificent
who was called to be a fabulous young women's president.
I have confidence in kimmie.
we love her.


Kari said...

Family wards are way more eventful than single's wards. I long to go back...

emilee said...

you have no idea how jealous I am of your mustache.

CaLea said...

Psst. Just dropping by to say: Love you. And the new look.

Kimmie said...

My TOTO...
how I love you.
tried to hold emmie down, told her to stop wondering but she thinks your the bomb, thank you for the lap she found to sit on!
also......thanks for the confidence booster, much needed:)
the end.