July 29, 2011

joining the party

here is my high school schedule. all the coolest kids are posting theirs.
conformity is a beast.

a1- biology taught by dahl
a2- health instructed by jones
a3- drama 2 educated by shelley
a4- seminary enlightened by unknown

b1- fitness taught by dahl
b2- english honors instructed by shelton
b3- spanish 3 educated by barnard
b4- geometry enlightened by rigby

semester dos

a1- biology still. via dahl
a2- radio 1 enlightened by mayo
a3- drama 2 still. via shelley
a4- seminary still. via unknown

b1- sociology educated by vimahi
b2- english honors still. via shelton
b3- spanish 3 still. via barnard
b4- geometry still. via rigby

you should have seen me happy dancing in the halls of the junior high this morning.
oh so very pleased that I don't have to be there another year.

any teacher advice?
any advice on high school overall?
 I am the eldest, so I am such a noob.
pleasant grove high school, I have very high expectations in you.

(and this little tidbit of happiness that I captured while attempting a thumbs up picture)


Micaela said...

We have seminary together maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan Kirby said...

barnard? awesome. Shelley? awesome. Shelton? Crazy hard but you will learn so much from her. so awesome.
nice schedule.

megan said...

we dont have any classes togetherr.... i have all the bad teachers anyways!

jessie said...

tell russell mayo that you are my friend and he will love you. not a joke.

Carrie said...

I love russell mayo(xcountry coach) He is the best! You will like him.