July 28, 2011

and it was fun fun fun

once upon a time not too long ago,
I really really wanted to post.
but I wanted to post pictures.
but I couldn't find my card reader.
but I kind of got over it and decided to post
those photos when I find my card reader.

ladies and gentlebeasts. I have news.
I. finally. got. a. ukulele. 
(please feel free to not hold your applause.)

I played until my fingers bled today.
It's amazing what I have learned, in just 2 days.
"I get what you get in ten years, in two days..."

I had a sleepover with emilee last night.
(clearly. why else would we film ourselves in our pj's?)
we are so dang funny. some times I feel like our lives should be filmed.

"we would be adorable.."
"oh! I thought you said edible! I was like, 'and you would eat his face!'"

"and it was fun fun fun... all over our bodies?"

"I really miss... church."

"that made my heart poo."

"he dyes his hair... and he works at the glitter toes stand?!"

"...do you have a girl crush on her?"

"I got blistas on mah fingas!"

sometimes. you should be there.
do you have any requests for songs for me to learn on the ukulele?
I am super excited and already have a small list.
please tell me what to play. and I will play it for you.
also I am a bit better than I was in the video.
I had a couple more hours practice(:

have a lovely friday lovelies! 


Carrie said...

Jason maraz: I'm yours.
I think that would be cool.

emilee said...

"If you two got married. I would come to your wedding and get hammered."
"On what?! It's a mormon wedding?"

Peggy Eddleman said...

You guys are too awesome. Oh, to be a fly on your wall! But then I'd be laughing and I'd probably fall off your wall. And then you'd have a dead fly on your floor and that's never cool...

jessie said...

ukulele = hours of entertainment and therapy for the soul.
i can play that song as well. my voice isn't as pretty as hers though.

Mary said...

i leave for three days... and you become too cool for me to ever hang out with either of you ever again.