June 11, 2011


how come no one told me that this was the best movie 
and I should watch it right now?
I loved it.
I loved her outfits,
I loved his sweetness,
I hated the bittersweet ending.
I loved it.


sydnee said...

how have you never seen that movie?
i've seen in 8,372,597,345,847,348,574 times.

Meggy Leu said...

LOVE that movie!

jessie said...

yeah, that movie is the best for so many reasons.

aubrey said...

Which movie is this? I believe I've never seen it & it already looks like a favorite.

morgan.jo said...

most incredible movie.

you're so super cute, i die.

that's all.

morgan jo.

Kristin said...

Umm... I think I mentioned it at least once a day.... if only you listened in class ;)