June 27, 2011

step one

I'm fine. this is good. I did the right thing. s'all good.

oh my gosh. what have I done.
I just let go of the best thing that happened to me. what have I done.

I did the right thing. this will be better. this is good.

why did I do this?! I want this knot in my stomach to go away! what have I done.

it's all good.

this is how my brain has been functioning for the last two days.
I really appreciate the kind words. really.
the comments and messages help oodles.
I just need someone to hug me and tell me it will be all better soon.
the kind of hug that tells me everything will be okay.


Austyn said...

things always look their worst when they are just about to get better. there is nothing you can do but just be the amazing olivia i know you are and go forward. don't forget your past because it's what shaped you but don't dwell in it either. you are so amazing and strong and just great. we are all here for you and when ever you need anything i'm sure all of us would drop everything to help you out.

mardiiiii said...

oh girl.
you can get through this.
you are strong enough.

p.s. i stalk your blog. it makes me happy :)

sydnee said...

i love to give hugs

that's a cyber hug.

Mary said...

guess what....
i miss you.

LisAway said...

I know this will sound entirely unsympathetic, but welcome to the world of dating. It's wonderful, exciting, thrilling, even, and heart wrenching. You'll feel like you could fly, then feel like someone knocked you unconcious (or you'll wish someone would.)

My deepest sympathies, really. You'll be glad once it's all over, but it's quite a ride while it lasts. Enjoy the highs and do what you can to get through the lows. It looks like you've got some good, supportive and loving friends. Glad about that.

Zoe Maude said...

Story of my life! I'd like to tell you that it gets easier, but in reality it doesn't. GOOD LUCK!