June 04, 2011

pumping up the party

kidnapped from here.

we went to mcdonalds. and added sugar packets to perhaps the only mildly
healthy thing to the menu : fruit smoothies.

then to smith's. we purchased cookie dough. we won eric, our new best
friend, in a claw machine on the first try.

then across the street to evan's home. as I lay in the grass under a tree, I
realized, it's the summer time. it is the most blissful feeling. we climbed
atop the shed and soaked it in for a while.

then we all went to sign the shack again. we lurped it up.

to wal-mart, and I bought my summer sandals for ten dollars. I will wear
them everyday possible, aside from sunday, until I have a tan line and
have worn them down to the soles. we saw a man in the parking lot with
a legitimate pipe.

mary literally saves my life by helping me rigorously prepare for my party.
we moved the monster of my couch down from the upstairs and felt empowered.
we reasoned that's why there are feminists.

then it begins. I sure know how to throw them. another successful year.

I have fallen in love with this summer already.
I have three summer goals so far :

1. memorize & perform this :

2. make a zac efron sandwich. 17 again? and eat it.
3. re-do my cork board charlie style.

follow me and my ventures this summer,
watch as I attempt to pass drivers ed,
be in the marching band,
laugh at the face of danger,
conquer death,
and still have time to party it up.
[quote; talia]

my dearest 70 followers : summer. 2011.

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