June 09, 2011

it hurts : don't judge

the previous post was a joke.
have you ever heard of the elephant in the room analogy?

I joined the marching band.
stressed me out for weeks prior.
the thing is, if it had been any other normal human being
they would have said, "Gee. that'd be cool if I were in the marching band. too bad I don't know how to play an instrument." and that would be the end of the story.

but. not for me.
I have no skill, but bucket loads of self confidence.
so I went for it.
the previous post listed reasons why I wanted to be there.
and the reasons I didn't want to quit.

I don't want to be a quitter.
I look at myself as a quitter. I feel like people look at me like a quitter.
I don't stick to anything.
and it hurts me.

so darlings, after a lot of talking about it.
and praying about it.
and more talking about it.

I quit the marching band.

please don't call me a quitter.
sometimes, quitting is better.
I have a feeling I won't have insomnia tonight.


Rebekah said...

it's totally okay.
I knew I felt totally overwhelmed at first, and I would bet that it was even worse for you, since you haven't ever done anything like band before.
:) See you next year.

madi said...

be glad you got out when you did. haha not really but marching band was the skeleton in my closet. let's be real, sky high toes just aren't worth all the sweat.