June 26, 2011

I'm single.

this video is longer than it should be,
but it's where I tell all.
I explain everything.

thank you guys for your support,
I adore you.
eat a pancake today.

*edit june 27th - I'm not as pleased about it as I made it seem here.
I lied. I have cried. and I am torn up about it. 
thank you guys again for the support.


emilee said...

I'm proud of you girly.
I really am.
I love you.

Rebekah said...

ditto. :)
You did what was right, just because you followed your heart.

Wyatt Duclos said...

It's about time.

morgan.jo said...

I absolutely adore this.

I was in the same situation.

It's been almost 3 months, & it was the best decision I made.

Please do videos like this more often!

Morgan Jo

Shalaylee said...

You Kissed??
I didn't know this...
Good job olivia:)
you are a good influence

LisAway said...

You're a good girl. Not that you were doing anything evil, but it's never too late to wait, as they say. :) I'm sure you will stay great friends with Evan with the potential for more, and I'm sure you'll feel torn about him A LOT, but you'll get through it. And I'm so glad you understand the importance of dating around. Greg and I had that problem and when I finally said, "Enough!" because I knew he didn't really want to be exclusive with me but it was weird to be dating around, I had to move across the country from him to fix things. Then it was a matter of 2 weeks before he had gone out with a few girls that he thought he would like to date and realized that, no, it was just ME! Which is why I broke my nannying contract and flew back to marry him. And we're in our Happily Ever After. But there was a lot of up and down, dating and breaking up with us. Totally worth it, though.

And you have looooots of time. Remember that. You don't need to be building a relationship just yet.

Mary said...

i love you miss olivia.
and you've made the right decision.
and i'm really proud of you. :D

Austyn said...

oh olivia-
you are great.
and adorable.
love ya,

Lexi. said...

how come everyone has got there first kiss besides me?
proud of you liv.
love you!

Meggie said...

olivia ur truly amazing.(:
love you so much