June 07, 2011

gotta get down on tuesday

we're starting a new 'segment' on rollerpants,
do you feel professional?
great, so do I.
alongside monday memories. which I really should pick up again.
because it's a splendid idea.
anywhom. since I like themes and days of the week,
it's called :
trailer tuesdays.

where I give a frank analysis on a movie based on the trailer.
because sometimes I say humorous things to myself while
on my front row application that I feel inclined to share
on a regular basis. and would you look at that?
it's tuesday. let's take a glance at this :
the art of getting by

  1. initial thought : adorable.
  2. second watch: I want to see this one.

Freddie Highmore? every girl of my generations first crush. 
james and the giant peach? charlie and the chocolate factory? august rush?
he... he... he grew up? he has a love interest?

he is so adorable. you see how he was about to kiss her at the end?
sundance film festival? that's where all the best films come from.
the music was well selected as well. it's mod.

their names are george and sally...? lacking.
one of my only regrets about cinema is that the
climax is a 'once in a lifetime' thing.
when in real life, rarely is that the case.
but if it wasn't like that in the movies,
it'd be boring to watch.
cheesy climax : "these next few months will determine your future..."

my final verdict scale will go as follows; 
skip, redbox, netflix, water gardens, cinemark, midnight premiere.

final verdict : cinemark. 
an honor.

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