June 24, 2011

come to the rescue

have you ever dreamed of being a super hero?
today you can.

here are the job qualifications :
some one with plenty of time
some one with who cares about me
some one with a creative brain.
any one.

circumstances :
air conditioning is broken
spoiled milk exploded somewhere in my house
a reeling mind and stomach.

please come save me?
I'll buy you a cake ball.


Mary said...

let's pamper ourselves today.
if i ever get a moment.
because i'm pretty sure i won't have another for the next month.

Austyn said...

i'm cleaning a fish tank if you want to join. our air conditioning got fixed on wednesday and our house is nice and cool. come on over if you'd like. oh, but my grandmother is coming. and often have too many radios on different stations going... come at your own risk. :)