May 10, 2011

time spent in slow motion.

I want hubba bubba bubble gum. the pink lemonade kind.
the kind that you always snuck into the cart when you were ten.
I will chew it and gain knowledge from it's bubbly wisdom.
and it will help me pass math testing tomorrow.

I am so terminally ill at sewing. I wish I was crafty
and could make those adorable little flowers.
I have somewhat of an obsession with fabric flowers.
and flowy clothing. I made a pillow case at mutual this evening.
I only made it into what a pillow might call a home because
of sidney. she is a master seamstress.

most of my friends are professionals in a profession.

sidney = seamstress.
mary = cook.
talia = dancer.
emilee = singer.
madison = hair stylist.

so. what am I professional at?
I need something that I master.
that you think of this skill.
and then think of me.

I am perfectly aware miss mecham wants my photos. I'm working on it.
she'll get them eventually.
I have began planning on my famous end of the year party.
we have a date people. it's facebook official. I even made this cute print :

I need a movie.
what's a comedic appropriate movie that will please many people?
I need recommendations.

and by the way, if you haven't seen prom, put it on your to do list.
went to see it again saturday with some of my favorite people.
talia, shaylee, evan, and zach. best saturday in a long time.
after the best party in a long time. seth knows how to throw them.
sometime, you should go to smart cookie.
and then try on heels and aviators at rue21 with your best friends.
that's the cure to the saturday blues.

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Talia said...

...I act more fervently than dance... You're way grand either way