May 20, 2011

this is my face.

covered in freckles. with the occasional spot and some veins.*
this post is for the ladies. do you know if you are a covergirl?
maybe you're born with it? or maybe it's maybelline?
here is what my face consists of and what I suggest.

this is what I start the day with.
I don't even use powder anymore,
I think the texture and the appearance it gives is a little ghostly.
I still dab a little on the shiny tip of my nose and forehead when in doubt.
and that's maybelline as well from wal*mart.
see that? ivory. I am dang straight white.
but this cream. it's a dream. and with this brush?
the dream team.

the shape of the brush helps application blend more which is important.
I know this because of good ole' theatre. stage crew was good to me.
this is a lancome brush, from the cute little counter in the mall.
I don't wear blush either, I already have a natural blush that is ever present.

then I do the camel lashes. now. I have very long dark thick lashes as is,
so I don't use much, but the amount I do use is amazing. I am in love.
also maybelline, also wal*mart.

yet another maybelline, from wal*mart. I stick these in my pockets
where ever I go. they last forever. they smell nice.
I use crazy for caramel and watermelon punch depending on the day.
but for real, you should try these out.

and this is my lotion, bath and body works. it smells like summer
and it's lovely, I use it straight from the shower.
I can't use it right before I go somewhere though,
because it is much to fragrant and over powers my perfume.

so I suppose I'm not born with it... it's maybelline.
what are your make-up must haves?

*song reference. 
I would put a grooveshark widget... but it hates me.
mouthwash - kate nash


.:Austyn Haymond said...

i love this! covergirl foundation, little covergirl powder, covergirl mascara, and if i feel apt to it, purple-ish eyeshadow. all of which comes from wal*mart or target. applied with a brush from e.l.f. i think. you give good make up advice, it reminds me of our conversations in the hotel at shakespeare comp.

LisAway said...

Oh! I'm all about foundation, mascara and lip gloss. That's me, too. But I use other brands (and very occasionally use eye shadow). I miss my covergirl mascara and stock up on it whenever I'm in the states (haven't been FOREVER!!) I like Mary Kay foundation, but I might try yours, because I need good coverage and I love matte.

I wrote a post about makeup a year or so ago titled "Maybe she's born with it". Ha!

olivia said...

I have other make-up needs as well,
this is just what I use on a day to day basis.
My favorite make-up to use when I want to feel stunning is eye shadow.
I adore eye-shadow. I use lancome eyeshadow and brushes as well.

thank you lovely ladies(:

emilee said...

on an average day -- teensy bit of Avon liquid foundation, and brown lash blast from covergirl.
sometimes blush. from maybelline.
I obviously am not loyal to any one brand.