May 30, 2011


I hear my daddy coming up the stairs. I sprint to hide in my closet because I'm not suppost to be on the computer. he says,
"don't turn anything electronic on or off. grab your blanket and come outside."
it's that scenario that you have thought of a million times but never had to do.
the one where you have thirty seconds to grab something. what do you grab?

my phone.

is my character really that shallow? I needed my friends. I was frightened.
my house smelled funny. apparently it was a gas leak.
we called the questar guy. we all sat out in the van and sang anastasia.
he just gave us the okay to come back in. my room stinks of gas.
it is a gas leak, but not dangerous yet, quick fix.

we be blessed.

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LisAway said...

Whoa. What a family adventure. I'm so glad everyone is safe and all is well! I don't think you're shallow for wanting your phone. It is your connection to the world, right? That's pretty important. (and I'm sure you could borrow your friend's scriptures or read them online if anything happened to your house... As a kid I always hoped that the first thing I would grab to take with me was my scriptures. Kind of funny, since scriptures are easily replaceable...)