May 29, 2011

do you know how cool this is?!

the way my profile looks right now.
school gets out in four days. 
my party is in four days.
yearbook day is in three days.
lagoon is in two days.
my first airsoft gun battle with my team is in one day.
I took a three hour nap today.
I gave a talk in sacrament today.
mumford & sons.
florence & the machine.
this week.

do you know how cool this is?!


Lexi. said...

i would really enjoy it if you could teach me how to copy and paste a facebook page.
thanks :)

Miss Eliza Shumway said...

i love you.
quite a bit actually.
it's fine.

Anonymous said...

hahah looove your fbook profile, and your blog!

Talia said...

Freshmen Prank?
Has to be cool.
Totally amazing.
You would have to be at school at seven thirty.
So plan to leave at seven.
What will we do?
We could apply 'black bruises marks' about our bodies. Crazy fight.
Slam against lockers. Scream into each other's faces. Punch. Kick. Slap. Yell. Possibly weep.
But before hand? Plunder and Pillage. You know what I mean.

Callme. Textme. Get a hold ofme. But you'll have to respond afterwards... or else there will be no prank. Let's plan this tomorrow? Yes. Call me.

jessie said...

mumford. florence. hecka yeah.
also, i play a lanakai ukulele. that's all i know!