April 28, 2011

one day more

I am acutely aware that I have only been posting photo's and no word substance.
and that I skipped out on monday memories this week.. and I spose the week before too.
but hey. I don't really have an excuse.

remember this? comes out tomorrow.
remember this? ends tomorrow.
oh and this? ends saturday. tell everyone you know
with a computer and a face to vote for us.

oh. and movie night. this week is finally coming to a long awaited close.
what happened this crazy week asks you?

monday -  be ok- ingrid michealson
dressed and felt like taza. easter seminary lesson = suberb.
I am the worst procrastinator that ever lived. we eat tacos.

tuesday - tonight tonight- hot chelle rae
rocked it euro style. surprise test? oops. attempted large mastery.
ran late to dress rehearsal, but it was great anyways.

wednesday - raver's fantasy- tune up
slept in and shrugged off school. played some robot unicorn attack.
did my hair and makeup all purdy and wore a flowy shirt and I felt like
a blonde belle. performed the matinee. yogurt bliss. psych is my favorite
. closing performance.

thursday - who says- selena gomez
went crazy. when I "went to the bathroom" first period I ran and
got a cookie from the vending machines. fell asleep in spanish.
I now have an A in mathematics. applaud for me.
cast party. I'm gonna miss those kiddies.

what did you do this week?
*pictures to accompany tomorrow. because that is when everything is going down.

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