April 04, 2011


monday memories : babysitters.
my sisters and I were the worst.
we were the kids you see on tv and think,
"thank goodness I don't have to babysit those kids."

after school most days when I was in grade school, mom and dad were both working. we were still too young to be on our own so we needed a babysitter. every. day.
these memories come from the summer however.
there were periods of different girls.
different babysitters and when they finally lost it.

the worst part is when I became a beehive. and all the babysitters I had tortured became my older sisters.
back to the books.

brittney cleverly.  she's all grown up now, I don't know where she is or what she's doing, but I bet she's doing a great job. she is probably one of my biggest role models. if you were fortunate enough to have known her, (I'm making it sound like she's dead but she's not..) you'd know why. She was sixteen when I was twelve.
before she was my favorite laurel ever, she was our babysitter.
I held her new phone over the toilet with jane at my side with the plunger.
she was on her knees. feel bad for that one.

we made it a contest. who could get rid of the new babysitter fastest.

then there was laurel.

laurel price.
mary's older sister. what's sad is I'm pretty tight with her now. I hope she doesn't remember the child I was when she is driving me places. I certainly try not to remember the babysitter she was.

one time. we were playing games on the tv and she came in and took the remote and managed to sit on all three of us at the same time.

one time. we locked her out of the house and she managed to pick the lock and it was the scariest moment of my life when she came round the corner; face red, hair wind blown, and anger bubbling over.
I must have blacked out because I can't remember for my life what happened next.

eventually we formed a peace understanding when we both discovered danny phantom together.
it became our thing with laurel.
we wouldn't watch new episodes until she came over and it was nice.

those two, forgave us (eventually.)
but the worst... oh the worst.
we'll forget her.
we don't mention her.

and that is the end of volume one on how to torture a babysitter.
I'm thankful the kids I watch are angels.
..most of the time.


emilee said...

oh. my goodness.
I knew you guys were bad...but...that's terrible.

Austyn said...

that reminds me of the kids i babysit. thankfully they are older now and know how to behave... kinda.

LisAway said...

I guess I had you in the lucky years before you all turned rotten. :P