April 18, 2011

here's the dill.

I make videos. I like to do it and I've gotten a lot better as of recently.
I enter a few videos in contests. and to win said contests I need to have peeps.
who have a face.
and a computer.
so pretty much don't be an incorrigible eskimo pie with a caramel ribbon and do it.
for me?
and this kid,

he would adore it as well.

so you would like to help us kids out?
max and I partners in this whole dill,
with special shout outs to madison, emilee, and evan;
so we would love you forever. and after.
if you would rate us five stars.

mine : being a teenager
max : work for me

just click on the fifth star. and you're done.
easy right? tell everyone you know.
have a lovely monday. I love you.


Talia said...

Consider it done.

Shaylee said...

?? hahaha:)

LisAway said...

Done. And I like dill sprinkled on boiled potatoes with fried onions and kefir poured over all.

Izzy said...

I Will give MY OWN special shout out to IZZY. so ya. lol