March 28, 2011

monday memory : spanish fork

I lived in spanish fork for five years of my child life.
driving down mainstreet and past the parking lot that was my beautiful house,
I had that's so raven moments all over the place on saturday.

I knew exactly where the Krishna Temple was due to the fact that I
used to think it was disneyworld when we drove past it on my way to kindermusik.

alex [my childhood best friend; the neighbor boy]
and I went into coldstone everyday for a new free sample.
if we were to do that now as teenagers,
they would most likely refuse to serve us.
being an adorable child was nice.

jane and I would lie on the shed roof in the summertime
 and count the red cars that passed by.

the library park was across the street from natasha walker's house.
I went to her birthday party and she beat me in
 the second grade hula hooping contest.
the library park was the first place I got an ice cream from the ice cream truck.
it had a gumball at the bottom of the cone.
it was the greatest discovery of my young life.
the library park I would sit on the base of the indian statue
 with the lavender in bloom and wait for them to move.

kaitlin hallem taught me to ride a bike on alex's basketball court.
the taekwondo place on the corner of main used to be a bicycle shop
 that my dad took me to every saturday to look at the bikes.
the laundry mat had an old fashion vending machine
and I always got lemonheads.
the bakery had cute cookies mom had an obsession with;
one year we gave out ghost cookies on halloween.

even though I have spent ten years in pleasant grove,
I feel like spanish fork is where I grew up.


LisAway said...

I feel totally nostalgic reading this post. What a great
childhood. You were SO unbelievably cute!

olivia said...
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Anonymous said...

you were definitely a cutie!

Austyn said...

i love this post. these pictures are so cute. i can't get over it.