March 07, 2011

monday memories; new tradition

we're going to start a new blogging 'ritual' if you will over here at rollerpants
[when I say, 'over here' it makes me feel like a country. you?]

it's called monday memories.
I have a bunch of things that jumble around in my head during class when I am supposed to be filling in a study guide or drawing diagrams. most of these things are things that have happened or things I want to happen.

so on mondays, because it sounds so cute with the word memories, will now be memory mondays. or. monday memories.
what ever I decide to pen down that made me smile recently. be it a couple weeks, months, or years ago.
first memory. let's kick it like a bucket.

matt had his head beating against the pole of the sign at purple turtle.
he was trying to make himself cry, to tap on the sympathies of our hearts.

mary spied matt and immediately jumped to a conclusion. she leaped up and sprinted over.
matt covers his face and yells,
"Don't look!"
mary screamed and ran back. she thought he was taking a wee.
soon there was about eight kids surrounding us.

hopefully memories in the future won't be that vague, but this is just a test run.
any memories you'd like to hear about?
until next monday chaps.


Meggy Leu said...

I rather enjoy this idea of Monday Memories / Memory Monday.

LisAway said...

I'll be joining you for your Memory Lane Monday. Or Magical Memory Monday or Monday Memories, or My Memories this Monday or...

I hope all of them will include someone either peeing or being mistaken for one who is peeing.

Spencer said...

Magical Memory Monday's