March 14, 2011

mm; hands and fish.

monday memories mark 2.
thank you spencer for having my back. yo.

as a special little treat I will write two memories for the lovely people.
number one is fish contrary to the title.
I have a lot of memories with fishies. but I was reminded with one in specific today.

there are two fish tanks in nordstorms. when I was nine and crocs were the coolest things ever, my grandpa took me in to get a pair because I was the only child in the entire fifth grade who didn't have a pair.
navy blue. and then he starting talking to me about the first tv he ever saw. while I watched the big blue tang swim awkwardly. this was the flashback I had today. that's so raven moment.

number two. hands.
in my english class currently we have a running joke about my hands. they are abnormally petite and feminine. so everyone occasionally lines up and compares their fist to mine. or we have a tarzan moment and go palm to palm. normally most guys fingers can close the first part of their finger over mine.
we had a field trip to go see gnomeo and juliet as an english class a week or two ago. pretty legitimate reason to miss school. anywhom, there is this one scene where she is holding his hand and her hand is so small it only wraps around one of his fingers and michael says,
"Look at how small her hand it compared to his!"
and I remark, "Story of my life!"

until next week chaps;
have a magical monday memory moment.

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LisAway said...

This may or may not have much to do with your post, but I was babysitting Kate and Jane when your dad took you to see Tarzan in the theater when you were three. That's my Monday memory. And when you came home we were playing out back and I asked your dad if he liked the movie and he sort of shrugged and said yes.