March 17, 2011

miss brightside

stressed. stressed. stressed. I spose I am only supposed to say it thrice but for good measure; stressed.
please for my sake smile at me in the hall.
and possibly a high five would be grand.
a phone call? please.

the best is when I catch a glimmer of light heartedness.
when I am holding my pen correctly,
when I make duckie noises with gestures,
when I was right about emilee's plague of egypt,
when jacob pulver yells in my ear,
when cato jones swears off blonde jokes,
when matt says anything,
when miss mecham laughs at my jokes,
and then when I figure out that not wearing pants is better.

I made a video for you on wednesday.
I made this for you.

friday. from Olivia on Vimeo.

haaaayyy. tomorrow is friday.
it's getting better all the time


emilee said...

I knew you would discover the beauty of notpants sooner or later.

jessie said...

uccu competition? cool. i didn't enter this year. the deadline sort of came and went.
to answer your question
for my little whatever videos i use the camera on my ipod touch or my point and shoot camera. because those are easy to carry around everywhere.
for more important movies i have a little sony hd handycam. i'm ready for a newer camera though.
and i edit in final cut pro and sometimes motion.