March 05, 2011

great in occasion.

saturday. from Olivia on Vimeo.

"You guys, I think there is a whole baby down there!"

"Don't film me saying that."
"Too late."

"Is this a musical?"

"Is that that one asian lady?"
"How would I know?! They all look the same!"

"...I bet this is a daily occurrence in new york."

"You wouldn't happen to have a moist towellette would you?"
"Why, because I am a girl?"

"I'm fairly sure I ran over a kitten or something, There is something under my tires I swear."

"I don't want to hold this basket anymore. it has feminine products."

"This one has drizzled chocolate on it. It screams teenage girl."

"Goodbye!" *vroom* "...I am so glad this is on park."

"It like, blew up in my face! I don't even know where the top went!"

I love those kids.
so much.
sometimes when I write stuff down, it sounds sketchy.
we're not racist, we don't drink racist coffee.
we don't drink any coffee.

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emilee said...

so i married an axe murderer. good movie.