March 31, 2011

day twenty : this month.

like I said, thirty days was popular back in january. and there were no objections. remember I'm working my way backwards up the list.
so let's get to it.

this month. march.

justin bieber's birthday-gnomeo and juliet- bowling- made mary a get well package- 17 & You Again- sleepovers with madison- filming with madison and evan- psych- romeo and juliet- tie dye shirts- gandhi- filming with emilee and max- movie saturdays- teaching sunday school- cato jones reigns over second period- daytime television- talking on the telephone for absurd amounts of time- daddy goes to guadalajara- mary cooks- register for sophomore year- bank videos- lindsay photo shoot- bought feathers for mah hurr-  dad taught world geography- pizza rolls- holi festival- duets in sacrament- soup shops downtown- met my grandmother- zach is my shrink- & teen living dates. march.


LisAway said...

You and your friends are my favorite people. Your videos are my favorite videos.

Mary said...

Can I just say?
I adore this. All of it.
Especially because Evan, Max and I were the stars. :D

emilee said...

You said I was featured in this video.

Alexis Ann said...

loved this video, basically made my day.

Talia said...

I want to play with you guys!!!

emilee said...

I keep watching this. Let's do it again.
Like. Right now!