March 09, 2011

all is well

wednesday was nice.
I'm horrible at three point turns.
I have the greatest of friends who have beautiful teeth.
skittles make extra credit worth while.

oh. and gandhi is a really neat guy. I want to do a report on him some day.
"Could you please get me some orange juice?"
I went crazy when I saw jessie's video today at the high school.
because. I had seen it before. It's one of the most satisfying things about blog stalking,
people from your home town become celebrities and you get as excited to see them in public.
that was a nice sucker. I haven't had one in a while. thanks attractive man wearing a leather kilt.
you have nice abdominals.

I like laughing when I pass a mirror, because it's when my face looks prettiest.
we should all laugh more.
I suggest psych. it's a gem.

have a lovely thursday tomorrow. are you rocking out with the drama department?
I sure am.

1 comment:

jessie said...

heeey. my video.
haha, i'm glad you enjoyed it.