February 17, 2011

mr. polo

I love my green and white polo duffle bag. it makes me giddy to go into the depths of my basement and find it's comforting I only use it when I go on trips, when else would I need a duffle?
my family isn't the traveling kind. we are home bodies.
where you going for labor day weekend?! facebook...
where you going for fall break?! water gardens...
where you going for christmas break?! my bed...
so on and so forth. I do get out of the house, don't you worry.
I just don't get out of the state.

what am I loading up mr. polo for this time?
aspen grove - youth conference.
I have great expectations for you.
exceedingly great.
I'm packing mulan ||
and we set up a dance with a couple other wards that will be there.
my secret wish?
my fiance will be there.

it's on like donkey kong.

1 comment:

Spencer said...

I am so excited for Mulan 2
Youth conference is going to be amazing.