February 07, 2011


day twenty one; a moment
ansleigh ; photo credit

I took my seat among my fellow men, in the dark hallway. It reminded me of that scene in a movie where they are all hiding in a base camp. and we were eating rations, although our rations happened to be cookies and dove chocolate.
candy colored cell phones were scattered across the corridor, with bowls filled to the brim with sweets alike.
"Why do we have bowls? what happened to plates?" Austyn inquired.
"because bowls are the spawn of plates and cups, therefor it serves the purpose of both."
Shaylee had one too many cups of mountain dew. Morgan was having too much dr. pepper...again.
and we were all laughing at nothing. singing too loudly. eating too much.
and then I catch the outline of my reflection in the linolium.
and the t.swift lyric visited me.
"I said remember this moment, in the back of my mind.."

and I felt happy. light hearted. I knew that I would wish someday in the future to be back here, where I am now. and I knew in that moment.
I was done wishing to skip ahead.

fifteen there's still time for you.
(I am going to post another moment tomorrow. one that I like better. but. I wanted to share this as well. yes.)


emilee said...

that was a good moment. a good moment indeed.

Mary said...

I liked that day.