February 27, 2011

the olympics of high school

I found this on my front row [there's an app for that]
and thought it looked cool.
looked it up.
watched the trailer a couple more times.
fell in love.

is that neon trees playing in the background? oh yes. yes it is.
add that to the list of why I should see this movie.
oh and wait, what is that song that plays at the end of this next one...?

please tell me you jumped up and down in your seat like I did when the song at the end came on.

I think certain faces 'jesse' makes makes him look like isaac. that's all.
oh and kid that sniffs the other kids breath? he looks like peter pan. which automatically means I have a crush on him.
you know who else I have had a nerdy crush on for about a year? Nicholas Braun.
"Jen! You missed it! there was a sign!"

and all time favorite award;


1 comment:

Meggy Leu said...

I am definitely going to go see this.

P.S. I jumped too.