February 21, 2011

youth conference

aspen grove from Olivia on Vimeo.

please enjoy.
this is my child.
and I love it.

young blood- the naked and famous



Meggy Leu said...

I love it. Great job with the clips and the music. That makes me all the more excited to go to my Youth Conference.

Talia said...

So... I secretly want to do that for my YC this weekend... that was so cute!
What with the fish?

emilee said...

iloveitiloveitiloveit. I LOVE IT.

LisAway said...


I feared for the poor live goldfish but luckily you guys only ate the cracker ones. Phew.

Spencer said...

Youth conference was amazing.
Now that we ate goldfish.
We can call ourselves real men.
And Women.