February 03, 2011


I turned fifteen approximately 2 months and 29 days ago. [actually exactly two months and twenty nine days ago.]
that fateful day I went to the driver's license division in good old orem. they made me cry. It was a sad affair. not the best birthday on the books. because apparently, since august first two thousand six, they no longer accept pocket sized birth certificates.
which is all I have.

so on the twenty eighth of january, my father went in to the good old vital records place in provo,
and handed the nice lady my pocket sized, my social security number, and the form we filled out.
she accepted and went into the mystical back room and came back out some time later with a furrowed brow and frustrated look.
"Did you name your daughter in the hospital or afterwards?" and my good father said,
"...In the hospital."
"Oh. well, we don't have a name on file for her."

according to the government, I have been Girl Petty for the entirety of my life.
my father was tempted to change my name then and there.
here were the choices that came to his mind:

  • Alice ; when my mother met my father on her mission, her maiden name was Ellis. my father thought she said Alice. it was his nemonic device to remembering her name. How come none of us four girls got named Alice? that's what we were wondering too. and my father thinks it would be a suiting name for me. 
  • Zortcaster ; my mother filed name book after name book, searching and scrutinizing for the perfect name for the eldest child she was about to have. every day my father would get home, my mother would ask, "What do you think we should name our child?" and my father doesn't care for names as much as my mother does. he doesn't not care, my mom is just obsessed with names. my father was frustrated one day when she asked this again, and he made up a name then and there. "Zortcaster!" ever since, it has been a popular family password. shhhh. 

I am still waiting to receive a name, and as far as I know, It will remain the same, first last and middle.
but alice is pretty tempting.


LisAway said...

Alice is quite a good one for you. I vote for Alice Zortcaster.

Kate said...

I thought Dad said if you said Sister Ellis, it almost sounded like Alice. I haven't heard about him thinking she said Ellis. Maybe I'm the one who is wrong.

Ryan said...

I kind of like Girl Petty. Trent has a boy named Boi in his class. Maybe you could be Girl, Gurl, or Grrrrl depending on your mood. It's pretty flexible. We can call you 'G' for short, like Aunt Jennie's co-worker, though I think hers is 'Gee'.