January 16, 2011

a particular position

day twenty seven ; your favorite place
so far in my short life, I have been to two places that I have deemed my favorite.
 in second place the destination of my first girls camp, the Gurr's cabin in Island Park Idaho.
who doesn't love idaho? any sane utahn loves the spud state.
one day I want to have house in idaho. and have a cow. literally. I want a pet cow. her name will be bessie of course.
back to the location:

it was fairly the best girls camp I have ever experianced.
and in first place is my old home that I loved more than any building I ever have. I grew up in this beautiful home built in eighteen fifty.

it no longer stands, and this picture is minus the wonderful birch tree that I loved so. we had an apricot tree a little more to the right that just missed being in the photo. these are my favorite places second only to the temple.
and I don't really care where I am, as long as I have the right people who make the place great.

now I am going to say farewell to my grandparents. off they go to Nauvoo.
how was your sunday bloggination?

1 comment:

emilee said...

you know that is the first picture I have seen of your old house.
I always just left it up to my imagination.
It was beautiful.