January 25, 2011

my eyes are just sweating. . .

day twenty four; something that makes you cry.

I like to think I don't cry often. I don't like when people see me cry, but if I need to, I'll cry in front of people. I don't think it is a fitting image of me. I just don't cry often.

sometimes I wish I was like my dad. He hasn't cried since he was twelve.
I've never seen my father cry.
my mother, his wife, has never seen him cry.
that just drives me crazy. because I think the lady at the wendy's drive thru has seen me cry.

other times, it feels nice to cry. when it's not because I'm utterly upset.
it's nice to cry of joy. the last time I cried,
it was last sunday. when my grandparents were being set apart for their mission.
I was bawling. and when I was hugging my grandmother goodbye, (for the first time out of four)
I told her I was crying because I want to serve a mission. and she said with that grandmotherly smile,
"You will, honey. Even if some boy sweeps you off your feet before you do, you can go with him later, like I did." and the tears came rolling down.

what makes me cry. is normally movies and shows. I quote Mr. Shelley,
"...When I am in the theatre I unashamedly weep. Tears are great facial moisturizer."

a few movies that I almost always 'unashamedly weep' during include :

little women
edward scissorhands
and yes. toy story three.

I have cried every time I have viewed these movies. these are among the few that make me weep every time, there are plenty of movies that produce tears, but these ones. every. time. I find it amusing that two of these movies star Winona Ryder.
and of course, the production that chokes me up that I adore so ;

so, I would not find it an astonishing accomplishment if you find tears on my face or hear my sob,
but it is a small accomplishment, none the less.
these are the things that make me cry.
unashamedly weep.


miss mandi said...

edward scissorhands.
so great.
johnny depp is my favorite.
all time favorite.

Meggy Leu said...

You are not alone. I cry every time I watch Edward Scissorhands too and I am proud of it!

I must also agree with miss mandi. No one can beat Johnny Depp.

LisAway said...

I sweat from my eyes a lot, too. Your grandma is right, you know. I really wanted to serve a mission and cried when I realized I wouldn't get to (it was before anyone proposed to me, I just had an impression). Now I'm fairly positive I will serve a mission, I'll just have the same companion the whole time. The best one ever.

jessie said...

les mis makes me weep too.

nicole said...

I cried during ramona and beesus.