January 19, 2011

marshmallow matey's

I should be studying for the test I am taking in about a half hour...
but I am a teenager. haaa.

I woke up this morning and I felt like I couldn't see or breathe.
I took a shower and then I felt fantastic. I was singing and dancing and ate my marshmallow mateys.
then on the way to school my throat went dry again. currently okay.
we should really find a cure for the common cold.
I'd rather us work on that than the hover craft.
or making it so that when you try to open a car door the same moment it unlocks, you can actually open it rather than waiting the extra fifteen seconds for it to be unlocked again.
just saying.

yesterday got better, by alot.
teen living will be a party. and I was singing the goofy movie all day.

and once upon a mattress opens in two weeks. but you know. it's cool.
I get to try on my dress today after school. it's wine colored and miss mecham is convinced I will look
'ravishing' in it.

I got a little black book. it's a planner. I want to decopage it. I really like writing stuff in it. like songs of the day and what not. it's pretty much my new journal.

I didn't eat enought marshmallow matey's to tie my over until lunch... my stomach will be screaming during the test I am probably going to fail.

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Spencer said...

But... if scientists stopped to make a cure for colds... we would have no mammoths in the future.