January 18, 2011

I have a baby bumble bee.

day twenty five ; a first.

dang. a first what? this requires too much creativity.
and I am not a trooper today.
this post has been officially postponed because this is my blog and it does what I say.
I feel so empowered now.

hudson put me in a particularly rotten mood. and I feel like a sevie again.
this is a very bad thing.
to avoid putting my self further in the hormal rage abyss,
let's go over my weekend. I liked my weekend.

friday; emilee came on over, we had a personal progress party.
we talked of our childhoods. it was very grand and is needed more often.

saturday; yogurt bliss. megamind. yogurt bliss.
(yogurt bliss is pretty much what the name implies.)

sunday; I will withhold to myself, maybe you'll hear my sunday someday. it was grand.

monday is now part of the weekend; went to the highschool. took epic photos. sometimes when the location isn't all that, you become more inventive. creativity occured.

watched little women with my marmee and three sisters. we may have bawled.
then I sucked up video games with evan. we watched disney channel because we are eleven sometimes.

hopefully the rest of the day slash week will be better.

and guess who is very proud of this picture? olivia is.

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jessie said...

i always get cheesecake yogurt with cheesecake bits. ahh my gash.