January 01, 2011

two thousand ten

enero :
[don't stop believin' ; journey]

I started the new decade with a haircut and color,
I was obsessed with Les Miserables 
and saw every night the high school performed it.
there was nothing that pleased me more than pilates. 
I was buff.

febrero :
[what is love? ; haddaway]

I fell in love with a british film about awkward teenagers,
I utterly embarrassed myself for the first time. 
I spent my president's day with a batman spork 
and the three coolest people.
we purchased 30 goldfish at the local wally world 
and pulled the best prank ever.
I love us.
I revived this blog from it's squalid condition. 

marzo :
[bye bye birdie ; ann margaret]

I made a video for the bank, in hopes to make money,
 began playing the trumpet,
and I performed a lovestruck teenager. 
it wasn't a challenging role.
and I helped birth a soccer ball.

abril :
[vanilla twilight ; owl city]

I saw Pride and Predjudice for the first time
[the bbc miniseries no less]
I enjoyed the signs of spring more than usual.
many inside jokes were born;
did your mother come from ireland?

mayo :
[the middle ; jimmy eat world]

I became an official teenager
 by purchasing my first pack of sharpies
for yearbook day. my first yearbook.
I walked four miles in one day,
the best last day of school ever witnessed.

junio :
[I gotta feelin' ; black eyed peas]

fairly the best month of the best year of my life.
I threw my first boy/girl non birthday party,
and it will forever live in awesome infamy
strawberry days was a party. love.
and attended to the greatest youth conference. ever.

julio :
[viva la vida ; coldplay]

I started attending summer seminary,
dropped the trumpet,
and attended lavender days.
july I was mostly waiting for august,
there was much talk of boys at my first all nighter.

agosto :
[bulletproof ; la roux]

I counted down everyday for mocking jay,
counted down everyday for scott pilgrim.
went boating for combined and
decided that school could start.
became a freshman.

septiembre :
[secrets ; one republic]

rehearsed for shakespeare like a mad woman,
joined and dropped project citizen,
catered a wedding with max and emilee,
and enjoyed mini-mondays at purple turtle.

octubre :
[kickin' with you ; jason mraz]

shakespeare competition. probably the best month since june.
it was most likely the best three days ever.
drove for the first time,
and discovered that stake dances always win.

noviembre :
[find your way back home ; hannah montana]

I turned 15, 
and my band friends left me for disneyland.
my non marching band friends made it all better.
applied for nauvoo,
enjoyed [^and was stalked at^] band and orchestra concerts,
and reunited the club.

deciembre :
[say ; john mayer]

performed as jacob marley,
got denied from nauvoo,
went to the mall more than necessary,
was more excited for christmas
 than I have been in years,
read the entire book of mormon for the first time,
and ended the year closer to her friends than ever.

(feel more than free to click to enlarge, it's worth a decent gander.)

and thus the best year of my life
[so far]
comes to a close.
2011, good luck.
[I have great expectations in you.]

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jessie said...

hey no way. i've been making videos for the bank for the past three years. cooool.