January 10, 2011

lady periwinkle

[day one; introduce yourself with pictures and words]
the character pictured above is me.
I write this blog.

My name is Olivia, and I love all four syllables.
I have half naturally blonde hair, bright blue eyes, 
and the longest thickest natural lashes you will ever see.

I live in a home where love is spoken, along with sarcasm and laughter. 
I love my family and love being with them whenever I can.
I have a mommy who has been sick most of my childhood,
who recently recovered to a degree, and we love to talk for hours on sunday evenings.
I have a father who is called Fa-Ra on my cellular, 
he has an accent and a really neat job as a photographer.

I have three sisters,  I am the eldest.
kate and jane are twins, they are thirteen and could never be more different.
and anna is at ten years old the baby and milking it every second.

I am fifteen years, two months, and six days young.
I'm a freshman and my initial feelings towards school are pretty neutral. 
I want to go to Brigham Young University, right now I'd like the idaho-an one.

beef tamales are my mexican drug of choice, and if you have oreo's I will eat them.
I like ghost whisperer more than I should, and I wish I still had television.
my mouth possesses braces for three more months, and I have excellent diction and enunciation.
when I choose to use it anyway.

I am silly and try to be spontaneous, I use a thesaurus about three times a day
in an effort to break the usual.
my cell phone is seven years old and it has an antenna that I have to raise at school.
I have a dent in my forehead from not wearing my helmet as a young seven year old,
I used to never want to be a teenager, 
but now I love it. 
I have a boy that I fancy who is waiting for me to turn sixteen and
I am one of the most bubbly and happiest teenage girls you will meet.
I like to write and entertain.
so raise your glass.


JBJ said...
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brit said...

you seem like an amazing girl.
and you are incredibly gorgeous.
and yes, you probably are one of the happiest teenager girls i've seen. (: