January 24, 2011

bumble bees & dirty jeans.

I decided. I am not quitting this challenge. there will be no boycotting here. we are going straight to number one baby. let's punch it.

day twenty five ; a first
it was an unofficial mutual. which is the best way to get it done son. it was the merry month of july, and inevitably, I was on facebook about an hour or two before mutual. we were planning to go lay out under the stars in the grass of the vast Straw's backyard where most of the wardie parties happen in the summer, and bring in our handy dandy projection screen and watch seven brides for seven brothers, combined with the young men. I was pretty pumped.

for the first time, (although this is not the first that the post is referring to,) a dashing young gentlemen named spencer spoke to me. regardless it was over facebook. it was the beginning of a fantastically awkward youtube quoting friendship. he invited me to come and play games outside the church with other allocated youth until mutual started. so I make the trek the whole block to the church with my sisters and I.

once we got the maximum of about ten kids, we began to play a game that noah introduced as, 'prisoner'.
it took everyone about twenty minutes just to begin to understand before our three test trial games. needless to say, I will not try to recreate the instructions here.
it had to do with walking around the building and not being caught slash seen.
and all those nifty 'new' churches have these miniature walls around the heating cooling system by the windows, I took shelter behind one of these.
three other kids followed after my lead.  I peeked over the wall like a ninja, and the moment I got vision of the target,
it felt like a syringe went into my wrist.
what. the. heck.
what was that?!
I look to my wrist, nothing.
and then I see an angry insect of the bee species charging back and forth at my wrist. I look a little over to the left and spy a small hive. oops.
so that is what it felt like to be stung by a bee? what a rip off. all the years living in fear of this unbearable pain. what a gyp. I did suck in air rapidly through my teeth though, because I was surprised. 
the three other children and I emerge, and risk becoming prisoners. once it gets around, attention is drawn to my wrist. someone told me it was swollen. what?
"It's not swollen. it just looks swollen because I was stung on the actual wrist bone. so that's just my bone silly." I hold up my other wrist next to it for sake of comparison.
I was seriously mistaken. I may or may not of let out a gasp or little squeal of some sort.
it was swollen. very much.
I fled home. my daddy gave me a magic pill. 
and then I got magic apothecary oil rubbed on it.
wrapped up and complete in a cloth bandage,
It was time for actual mutual to start.

the end.
how was your monday? I hope you do something magical with the extra hour.
may I suggest a good morning chia lincoln? 

I watch these daily for my doses of laughter.

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LisAway said...

All I ever want to say is that I love reading your stuff. You're awesome. And I love the link, too. Funny guys.