January 11, 2011


as-pi-ra-tion [day twenty nine]
1. a hope or ambition of achieving something.
2. action of pronouncing a word with exhalation of breath.

assuming the first one is meant, I will list five [5] aspirations of mine. because five is a nice number.

1. I want to be married. I want to get married in the temple and have children of my own. I want to have the party house that always has the after school snacks and a trampoline. the house that all the neighborhood kids want to hang out at.  I want to be a mother and a wife. right now this is one of my biggest aspirations.

2. I want to drive. my new years resolution for twenty eleven is to obtain my driver's license. I will be sixteen in november, and so I need my learner's permit at least six months before then. so I need to go in and get my birth certificate so I can go testing. I am so ready, I have read that manual almost thrice.

3. I want to be in the nauvoo pageant. one day, I want to participate. I'd like to in my youth, hopefully the summer of twenty twelve, if not, then one day when I have a family I'd like to take them to perform while gaining a testimony.

4. I want to graduate from byu. idaho or provo, I just want to get that diploma. my current plan is to go to byu idaho for two years, serve a mission, and then go to byu provo for the remaining two years.

5. I want to serve a mission. as stated above, I plan on serving a mission. I may meet someone who will change this, but if I do, I am serving a senior mission with them. either way. I am serving a mission.

I'm dreaming so hard I'm aspirating.

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LisAway said...

Such worthy aspirations!! You'll do them, too. Did you know I went to Ricks College? It is a super awesome place. BYU Provo is too, but there's something about that place in Idaho. . .

Also, I cried when I realized I wasn't going to serve a mission before getting married (I knew before I was ever proposed to). Now I'm okay with it and plan to serve one when the kids are gone, and the church is so small here it's almost like serving a mission just fulfilling regular callings!